Why implants?

Know the advantages

Currently Implantology offers a variety of solutions for the placement of missing teeth. Adapted to each situation, it allows you to recover your quality of life, smile and self-confidence.

Considered as the greatest advance in Dental Medicine, implants are an aesthetically pleasing solution that perfectly replicates the natural dentition and also offers a set of advantages that contribute to the preservation of oral health.

Dental implants

The best solution

They are artificial roots that function as natural teeth. You will feel virtually no difference;

They are made of titanium, a biocompatible material not rejected by the human body;

They preserve the natural bone, and by stimulating the bone, they stabilize bone loss;

Its placement is done through a fast and minimally invasive procedure. Unlike conventional removable and fixed bridges, they do not affect adjacent teeth;

Because they are anchored to the bone, implant-supported prostheses provide stability and comfort, eliminating the main problems and discomforts caused by conventional removable prostheses such as difficulties of adaptation, pressure and irritation of the gum, difficulties in chewing and speaking and complex social relationships;

With proper care and proper oral hygiene, implants are durable solutions.

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Do not ignore the missing teeth!

The importance of a healthy smile

As the average life expectancy increases and people become increasingly active, losing a tooth prematurely can be a worrying thing.

In spite of the lack that the lack of any tooth can have an aesthetic impact, it is also a matter that in the long term can become a health problem. The reality is that the teeth are not independent, they constitute an integrated and complex system where each element plays an important role. Each tooth ensures that adjacent teeth remain in position, allowing the correct chewing of food. When there are missing teeth, the rest tend to move occupying the empty spaces and can lead to future occlusal and joint problems. On the other hand, the lack of teeth causes bone loss in the jaws, since the bone stops being stimulated through chewing, which in the long term may involve the loss of more teeth. Bone loss often causes the maxillary line to be delayed, altering the profile and making people appear older than they really are.

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A healthy smile

The best solution

A healthy and natural smile has a considerable impact on our appearance, on our day to day basis and consequently on our self-esteem. There are currently millions of people worldwide affected by the lack of teeth due to the natural aging process, accidents, diseases and other factors. Regardless of the causes, this issue implies a negative role in everyday life and the general good. For example, you can stop savoring your favorite foods or feel insecure in your social relationships, which in more extreme cases may also cause you to stop smiling spontaneously.